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Exterior Envelope

Often there is inadequate consideration regarding a building's exterior.

The exterior envelope of a home is nothing short of a complete building system and its primary function is often overlooked. It is not simply to “look good” but rather to provide protection to the structure and all that resides within. To insure a custom home will endure, it comes down to the management of moisture and moisture related issues, which have proven detrimental to the longevity of coastal homes. Although other approaches to a building's exterior, such as vinyl siding, may look good for a long time and require little or no maintenance, they lack the ability to properly protect against the harsh environment. The ability to “last” does not necessarily mean it will “protect”. At Perennial Homes we specialize in not only providing the long lasting protection to your shore house and the investment it represents, but also the aesthetic qualities you can be proud to call your own.

A Perennial Home is engineered to last.

In developing our approach to a building's exterior, it was necessary to reconsider many of today's replacements for wood and related building components. These modern products, including but not limited to vinyl railings and siding products, did not meet our high quality, low maintenance standards. In response to this inadequacy, Perennial Homes, in co-operation with Structural Composite Assemblies Inc., has engineered new building materials and production techniques. The result is a series of improved construction products that not only resist decay, insect damage, and paint delamination, but also provide the strength and authenticity of traditional wooden elements commonly found in coastal homes. Only a Perennial Home features these products, further differentiating us from others.

A Perennial Home is made to be painted.

Of course this assumes your home does not use natural materials such as cedar or redwood. Aside from these exceptions, without the use of paint you loose the ability to create your own custom detailing and color scheme. Unfortunately it has become customary to consider the terms painting and peeling to be inseparable. This is an outdated convention and is no longer the case. Today's paints have excellent adhesion and flexural qualities. As long as the material being painted is stable, paint is not prone to peeling even in the harsh conditions at the Jersey shore. To best ensure your coastal home's finish will last, the materials used on a Perennial Home are designed or otherwise selected to be resistant to warping, cupping, decay, or other moisture related effects known to cause peeling. Once painted, our homes are indistinguishable from those fabricated from the wooden materials we have replaced. The Perennial difference is a custom home on Long Beach Island that will not require repainting due to peeling and we stand behind that promise.

  • Only a Perennial Home features exclusive new products, designed to be indistinguishable from high quality wooden products they replace.

  • The materials used on a Perennial Home are designed or otherwise selected to be resistant to warping, cupping, decay, or other moisture related effects, not to mention insect damage.

  • A Perennial exterior provides long lasting protection to your home and the investment it represents.

  • Once painted, a Perennial Home will never require painting due to peeling.

  • We make sure your exterior provides the aesthetic qualities that are important to you.