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Design Services

An Expression of Self

What is the perfect home? To suggest there can be any agreement is to understand that perfection resides only in the eye of the beholder. As consultants we often don't provide the answers. Rather, we seek to ask the right questions at the appropriate time throughout the process and use your own feedback to arrive at your best solution. Only a home's owner can define best how things ought to be. We take a great deal of pride in our efforts to help arrive at that perfect solution. Through the use of our design services, we provide our clients with the look and feel of a home that is truly theirs. We understand that a place you belong is a place you want to come home to. Make it so with Perennial Homes.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Aside from new homes, the type of work we do is wide ranging. In fact, although we are involved in a fair share of larger projects, our most rewarding work has come from working with smaller building lots, those more typical on Long Beach Island. It is not uncommon for our clients to anticipate forgoing some of their “wish list” due to limited space. Often this concern stems from the many regulations and restrictions of LBI these communities, regarding building height, setbacks, and lot coverage to name a few. Perennial Homes excels under these conditions. No matter your needs, we ensure the best use of available space while maintaining the look and feel you desire. Let us discuss your options whether you are considering an addition, renovation, or even a historical restoration.

Working Together

Although Perennial Homes is not a design firm, we prefer to work closely with our clients and their architect and other design professionals. The distinctive architectural character of a Perennial Home is inspired by this interaction. Whether you have completed your plans or are just beginning the design process, it is never too early to bring us on board. By doing so, you take full advantage of the unique role Perennial Homes brings to the overall architecture and project delivery. Rather than providing what we think would be best, we opt to put forward certain questions and suggestions intended to move the conceptual process forward. Through the use of photographs, magazine clippings, and verbal descriptions, we will assist in combining these bits and pieces to develop what will become your own custom style. Our expertise and craftsmanship is then implemented to turn it into reality. In the end it is important the finished product embodies an extension of you, your tastes, and lifestyle. Your home is not simply everything in it, but also everything it represents, and it must truly belong to you. That's the Perennial difference.