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About Us

Continuing without cessation or intermission; never failing. Syn: perpetual, unceasing, enduring

What's in a name?... Everything.

Over the past fifty years the residential construction industry has moved away from the skilled workmanship of the individual and rather has adopted a more standardized, production based approach to home building. As a result, today's typical beach house lacks the craftsmanship and resulting appeal common with the custom homes of past generations. On the other hand, insisting on traditional materials and techniques result in an end product that often requires regular and costly upkeep. Seemingly having no choice to avoid costly repairs and maintenance, homeowners regrettably choose to use materials resulting in an inferior building aesthetic and overall quality. Without compromising neither durability nor the “maintenance free” qualities of many of today's building products, the Perennial Home is our answer to an industry-wide need to restore the authentic look and feel of traditional coastal home construction.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Founded in 1997, our construction solutions are continuously being refined and improved.

Located in Beach Haven on New Jersey's Long Beach Island (LBI), Perennial Homes brings a novel approach to the residential construction industry. Specializing in coastal construction on the Jersey Shore where exposure to the elements is severe, there are few environments where maintenance and durability of a home's exterior are as significant a concern. Our signature architectural style revisits traditional home building methods in an innovative way. Rather than abandoning tradition, only the material that composes certain exterior elements is replaced. Moreover, the manner in which materials are worked or otherwise modified and secured remains unchanged from time-tested methods. Our carpenters “craft” your home to create a truly customized result that reflects your taste, not one limited by some catalog. As a result, our customers are provided a traditional, high quality custom home without the concerns of peeling paint, decay or other moisture related failures.

From One Generation to the Next

Whether new or refurbished, your Perennial Home will endure for many generations to come without the need for continual upkeep or replacement. Both inside and out, our unique combination of careful design, material selection, and quality craftsmanship ensure nothing is left to chance. Anything less would be inconsistent with the investment a home represents to you today or whomever may occupy your home in the years to come. So whether you are considering a luxurious new home on Long Beach Island, an addition, renovation, or even a historic restoration, let Perennial Homes and all it has to offer work for you.

Jim Blahut, Founder Perennial Homes, LLC